RollMovers, Roll Turners or ...? 


CFE Nordic offers different products for the paper- & converting industry, focused on finishing and converting equipment. We develop our own solutions and products but also cooperate with different partners. If you don’t find what you need, perhaps we can help you find the right product or solution to suit your requirements? 



EasyRoller Rollpushe

Some people call it the "Easymover", "Rollmover" or "Rollpusher". We simply call it the EasyRoller just because it is easy and safe to use.

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Roll Turner

When your rolls need to change direction...

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Our new rollpusher, the EasyRoller is much appreciated among our customers. Delivered to the Scandinavian paper industry as well as shipped out to Europe, USA, South America and Asia. 


Now even stronger, capacity up to 8-10 ton rolls and with a tiltable handle, adjustable to suit both short and tall operators.




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