EasyRoller - an unique unit for moving rolls

News:Now also available with an adaption for pushing paper rolls down a manual floor track, See video below.

The EasyRoller is a Swedish made, battery driven RollPusher, making the handling of paper rolls easier and safer. Unique and innovative! can also be rolled sideways so it is easy to use also in narrow spaces. No restricting air hoses which eliminate the range limitations experienced with pneumatic movers.  

• With the EasyRoller you can turn the handle 90 degrees and push the unit sideways, making it easy to get in between rolls or in areas where there is little space.
• Same sturdy handle you are used to see on pallet movers.
• Handle equipped with a "Belly button E-stop", safe for your operators!
• Handle can be adjusted in height.
• LED indicator on handle to show battery life
• All motors, chains etc. are “hidden” inside the chassis of the machine, avoiding these vital items to get damaged.




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